Global ETFs Strategy factoring in alternative market exposures
EquitiesETF, LIC & LITs
31 March 2020

Global ETFs

The world is experiencing an unprecedented systematic shutdown of borders and businesses, suppressing the outlook of future economic global growth. We explore some factor-based ETFs aimed at providing a defensive tilt to long global equities.
Banks & General InsurersEquities
20 March 2020

Bank Note$

The majority of the banks had a good reporting season in the period ended 31 December 2019. However, all this is now history and what lies ahead in the next 12-24 months will be of more concern as there appears to be no escaping COVID-19 for now.
CME financial rates graphs
Futures & Commodities
16 March 2020

CME Rate Recaps

In June, amidst a dramatic repricing in USD bond markets, global participants turned to CME Group's deeply liquid Eurodollar and Fed Funds futures to both manage risk and gain insight into the likelihood of a Fed rate cut.