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Bell Potter clients

If you’re a Bell Potter client, you can start your Client Access registration online now. You’ll just need:

  • Access to an email address, and
  • A mobile phone number (for two factor authentication)

Prospective clients

For a preview of our Client Access portal, you can sign up for a trial Client Access account. The account will expire after 14 days. You’ll also need:

  • Access to an email address, and
  • A mobile phone number (for two factor authentication)



Q1. My confirmation has not arrived or I cannot locate it.

You may find that the confirmation email is being filed in junk or spam folders so we recommend you check those folders first.

If you have registered using a work email address, you may find the confirmation email has been caught in an IT spam filter. Please speak with your employer’s IT team about this.

If you’re still not able to locate your confirmation email, your Bell Potter adviser can manually confirm your email address on your behalf.


Q2. I’m a Bell Potter client and have setup my new Client Access account, but I don’t see my accounts linked.

When a new Client Access account is created, we initially link two demo Bell Potter accounts.

If the email address you’ve used to create your Client Access account matches any we have on record, we’ll notify your adviser who can confirm and link your Bell Potter accounts.

Your Bell Potter accounts should be accessible within a day of creating your Client Access account. If you are still unable to see it, please get in touch with your adviser.


Q3. A feature or functionality that I’m expecting in the new client access isn’t there.

We’d like your feedback regarding the new Client Access portal. If you have a feature request or general feedback, send us an email at

Get started

To migrate your account, click on the button below and  follow the step-by-step instructions.

Our website support team are available to help with your Client Access registration. Call 1300 023 557 or email