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Corporate Advisory Services

Bell Potter corporate advisory services aims to provide value creating client-focused advice and execution for emerging companies.

We have built a corporate advisory team that fully understands the unique needs of emerging growth companies.

We work to understand and appreciate each client’s situation and how through cooperative partnership we can deliver their desired outcomes. Our advice is considered and commercial.

We have an established reputation over many years for providing high-quality share market advice to corporates on a range of different capital market activities. We maintain extensive international and domestic networks that provide us with a global distribution platform to facilitate and optimise capital formation across all tiers for our clients.

We offer expert advice and management for:

  • Placements
  • Market sell-downs and block trades
  • Equity capital raisings
  • IPOs
  • Corporate advice and structuring
  • Share price advice and valuation
  • Mergers & acquisition advice and execution




We’ve been a partner to many companies across a range of capital raising activities, with experience as Lead Manager, Underwriter and Coordinator.


Strong distribution

Our wide reaching presence and brand strength gives us the capacity to undertake sizeable transactions and construct first class retail and institutional share registries.


Client relationships

We have strong institutional dealing relationships and access to sophisticated or professional investors.


Expert advice

We have specialists in debt and equity markets, mergers and acquisitions, private company finance, share market advice, capital market advice and more. We offer professional and confidential advice on strategy, structuring and execution tailored to your business.


Aftermarket support

We have a track record for continuous support for IPOs by providing liquidity, aftermarket support, investor relations planning and non-deal marketing.

Investment opportunities for Bell Potter clients

As a client, you gain access to a broad range of corporate offerings – such as IPOs, capital raisings and placements.

The Bell Potter Corporate Finance team is a market leader in small to mid-cap transactions in growth sectors.


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For a confidential discussion with our corporate advisory team call 1300 023 557 or fill out a short form.