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Portfolio Administration Service

Bell Potter can take the hard work out of administering your investments with our Portfolio Administration Service (PAS).

Our Portfolio Administration Service (PAS) is a comprehensive wealth administration service that incorporates investment administration and tax reporting. It is designed to be used in conjunction with customised advice provided by your adviser, who also provides trade execution and access to research.

PAS delivers the best of both worlds: we take care of all paperwork associated with administering your investment portfolio – while you keep all the benefits associated with owning your own share portfolio.

With PAS you enlist the expertise of an investment adviser who provides personal advice and a portfolio structured around your financial and investment objectives. You are also supported by a team of experienced investment administrators that take care of all the day-to-day administration associated with your investments.



Customised investment advice provided by your adviser

Your Bell Potter adviser works with you to understand your financial situation and investment objectives before you invest, and offers advice on a range of direct investments.


Administration of a wide range of investments

Bell Potter is able to administer a wide range of investments including domestic and international shares, managed funds, cash, fixed interest and client controlled assets.


Ease and convenience

Bell Potter processes the associated paperwork, liaises with registries on your behalf, and reconciles your investment income, leaving you free to focus on your investment strategy.


Centralised investment portfolio

Centralising your portfolio administration through PAS enables you to keep track of all your investments with a single contact point. This ensures you always have a comprehensive view of your investments, helping you and your adviser make informed decisions.


Mailbox service

All correspondence regarding your investments is sent directly to Bell Potter.


Comprehensive reporting and online access

Bell Potter will send you a quarterly report detailing your investment activity, income, expenses, and realised and unrealised capital gains and losses. Bell Potter also provides a comprehensive annual tax report that you can simply forward to your accountant.

Reports are available to view online at and are updated daily.



With our investment administration service, you retain control and beneficial ownership over your investments at all times.

Tax deductible fees

Fees for this service may be tax deductible – please confirm this with your taxation specialist.

Get started

PAS can help you reduce the administration burden associated with your investments. For more information about our investment administration service, call 1300 023 557 or request a callback.