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We caught up with a few leaders of resources companies to ask them these three questions during the Unearthed Conference:

  1. What key themes are you expecting to emerge in the Natural Resources sector in 2021?
  2. Outside of your company’s current portfolio exposures, what is your top commodity pick for 2021?
  3. What does it mean to be the Managing Director of a Natural Resources company in 2021?

See their responses in the clips below:

Unearthed Insights with Andre Labuschagne, Executive Chairman, Aeris Resources

Unearthed Insights with Adrian Cook, Managing Director, Carnarvon Petroleum

Unearthed Insights with Duncan Gibbs, Managing Director & CEO, Gold Road Resources Limited

Unearthed Insights with Amanda Lacaze, Managing Director & CEO, Lynas Corporation

Unearthed Insights with Andrew Cole, Managing Director & CEO, OZ Minerals

Unearthed Insights with Brendan Bradley, Managing Director, Devex Resources

Unearthed Insights with Peter Cook, Chairman, Westgold Resources

Unearthed Insights with Colin Moorhead, Executive Chairman, Sihayo Gold

Unearthed Insights with Mel Palancian, Managing Director, Red River Resources

Unearthed Insights with David Maxwell, Managing Director & CEO, Cooper Energy

Unearthed Insights with Mark Williams, Managing Director, Red 5

Unearthed Insights with Gerhard Ziems, Group CFO, Coronado Global Resources

Unearthed Insights with Tim Manners, Chief Financial Officer, Ramelius Resources Limited

Unearthed Insights with Ian Davies, Chief Executive Officer, Senex Energy

Unearthed Insights with Jim Beyer, Managing Director & CEO, Regis Resources

Unearthed Insights with Ian Purdy, Managing Director & CEO, Paladin Energy

Unearthed Insights with Ed Eshuys, Executive Chairman, DGO Gold Limited

Unearthed Insights with Leon Devaney, Managing Director & CEO, Central Petroleum

Unearthed Insights with Glenn Jardine, Managing Director, De Grey Mining

Unearthed Insights with Mark Savich, CEO & Director, Agrimin Limited

Unearthed Insights with Nic Earner, Managing Director, Alkane Resources Limited

Unearthed Insights with Rimas Kairaitis, Managing Director, Alpha HPA

Unearthed Insights with Dan Lougher, Managing Director & CEO, Western Areas

Unearthed Insights with Sy Van Dyk, Chief Executive Officer, DDH1 Drilling

Unearthed Insights with Ian Bamborough, Managing Director, Saturn Metals Limited

Unearthed Insights with Paul Flynn, Managing Director & CEO, Whitehaven Coal

Unearthed Insights with Jon Price, Managing Director, Horizon Minerals Limited

Unearthed Insights with Tor McCaul, Managing Director, Comet Ridge Limited

Unearthed Insights with Matt Keane, Chief Executive Officer, S2 Resources Limited

Unearthed Insights with Mark Wilson, Managing Director, Legend Mining Limited

Unearthed Insights with Paul Cmrlec, Managing Director, Pantoro Limited

Unearthed Insights with Peter Bradford, Managing Director at IGO Limited

Unearthed Insights with Luke Gleeson, Head of Corporate Development, Bellevue Gold Limited

Unearthed Insights with Alex Dorsch, Managing Director, Chalice Mining Limited

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