We biannually ask our analysts to provide their sector outlook and compile their top stock picks.

In our new Analyst Outlook for FY22 report, we take a look at the following sectors:

  • Listed Investment Companies by Hayden Nicholson
  • Agriculture & FMCG by Jonathan Snape
  • Technology by Chris Savage
  • Discretionary Retail & Professional Services by Sam Haddad
  • Industrials by Alex McLean, James Filius and Hamish Murray
  • Engineering & Construction by Steven Anastasiou
  • Healthcare by Tanushree Jain, Elyse Shapiro and John Hester
  • Resources & Precious Metals by David Coates
  • Energy by Stuart Howe and Joseph House
  • Strategic Minerals by Stuart Howe

To learn more about the stocks mentioned in this report, speak to your adviser or refer to the Client Access Research Library.

Please note that Speculative securities may not be suitable for retail clients (refer to final page of the report).

Published on June