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Portfolio Lending Fixed Prepaid Loan Rates

Set up a Portfolio Lending facility to take advantage of our discounted fixed rates.

The Portfolio Lending product is issued by Bell Potter Capital Limited (ABN 54 085 797 735 AFSL No. 360457).

Our 12 month prepaid fixed loan rate is:


Making the decision to prepay interest

  • A Bell Potter Portfolio Lending facility provides flexibility in managing your interest costs and cash flow.
  • You can combine both a variable rate loan and one or more fixed rate loans in the same facility.
  • Interest on fixed loans of up to 12 months is prepaid.
  • Many investors choose to prepay interest during June, which provides certainty of your interest costs and the possibility of an accelerated tax deduction. Note: You should seek your own taxation advice when considering prepaying interest.

Interest payments methods

There are three ways to prepay your interest on your Portfolio Lending loan:

  1. Transfer funds to your Bell Potter Portfolio Lending facility.

2. Include the interest amount in your fixed rate loan.

3. Have the interest charged to your variable rate loan

What are the benefits of prepaying interest?

Bring forward interest expenses

By prepaying next year’s interest on your margin loan you may be able to claim a tax deduction on some or all of your prepaid interest in this financial year. Note: You should seek your own taxation advice when considering prepaying interest.

Protect yourself against any potential interest rate rises

Provide certainty over your interest rate costs for the coming financial year. Should interest rates rise, your costs do not.

Manage cashflow

By prepaying interest before June 30 2023, you won’t need to make any interest payments on your fixed loan until June 2024.

What are the risks of prepaying interest?

Choosing to fix all or part of your loan

  • Interest rates may fall during the period; an opportunity cost.
  • If you choose to repay a fixed loan early, your prepaid interest is not refundable.

Bell Potter offers you the ability to fix all or part of your loan – you nominate how much of your loan you would like to fix.

Why choose Bell Potter Portfolio Lending?

Competitive market offering

We offer competitive portfolio loan interest rates and there are no establishment, maintenance or account keeping fees.

Multiply your investment potential

Borrow between 40% and 75% on approximately 400 approved ASX listed securities and ETF’s, as well as a range of managed funds.

Access to well-known brands

Lending on over 150 approved International securities available: 70% LVR offered on approved major global companies.

Expertise & Support

Direct access to professional service and support from your designated account manager.

Get Started

To learn more about prepay interest benefits or discuss your lending options please contact your Adviser on 1300 023 557 or call Bell Potter Capital on 1800 061 327.