Bell Potter Guided Portfolio Service

The Guided Portfolio Service (GPS) is a cost-effective way to invest in a professionally designed model portfolio with personal ownership and control.

The GPS combines the benefits of a directly held share portfolio with the research capabilities and portfolio-design expertise of leading global investment managers.

Using the GPS, you and your adviser can choose from a suite of model portfolios, designed and overseen by asset allocation experts.

Throughout the life of your investment, your adviser can continue to oversee the model portfolio, modifying and rebalancing it to ensure your investment stays on track. You retain direct ownership and control over every transaction, so you and your adviser can tailor your strategy to suit your needs.




The GPS is a simple and streamlined way to create a diversified portfolio of direct investments, with expert guidance from investment managers to keep you on track, advice and administrative support from your adviser, and consolidated reporting that makes it easy to keep track of performance.



The GPS model portfolios are designed and maintained by asset allocation experts and sector specialists, with expertise covering Australian and international shares, real estate, infrastructure, fixed interest investments and more. So you can instantly create a diversified portfolio backed by institutional-grade asset selection capabilities, while still enjoying the benefits of direct ownership.



Unlike many managed accounts, investments through GPS are held in your name, under your own individual CHESS Holder Identification Number (HIN) – giving you complete control. With support from your adviser, you approve any changes or rebalances to your portfolio before they are made, and decide whether to follow the portfolio manager’s recommendations for corporate actions, such as share buybacks and rights offers. Direct ownership also means you can leave the GPS and continue to hold your assets or sell your assets at any time.


Tax efficiency

Because you’re in control, you can manage transactions to suit your individual tax situation. Unlike a unitised investment, such as a managed fund, your tax situation isn’t impacted by the asset redemptions made on behalf of other investors – so you choose the timing of any capital gains. There are also no tax consequences if you choose to withdraw from the GPS, with no need to redeem assets and crystallise gains.



The Bell Potter Guided Portfolio Service features a transparent and cost-effective pricing model, with one low management fee, regardless of the number of transactions required to keep your asset allocation on track. Brokerage is included, so the cost is driven by how much you invest, not the number of trades involved in establishing or rebalancing your portfolio. There may also be indirect costs applicable to some model portfolios – for more information see the ‘Model Portfolio Profiles’ brochure.



You can invest in more than one model portfolio under the same account, so you and your adviser can view and manage your investments in a single integrated portfolio. You can also switch investments between model portfolios, quickly and efficiently – and we’ll identify common equities to keep transactions to a minimum, reducing any tax impact.

Find out more

To find out more about investing in a diversified portfolio via the Bell Potter Guided Portfolio Service (GPS), speak with your Bell Potter adviser or contact 1300 023 557