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A weekly newsletter highlighting company culture

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Stockbroking veteran Hugh Robertson and renowned journalist and author Damon Kitney write a weekly newsletter spotlighting Australian companies with outstanding cultures.

From the Desk is not like any other dealing desk note you’ve read before. Straight-shooting and unfiltered, From the Desk combines Hugh’s signature wit and the eloquence of one of Australia’s best financial journalists. Every week, Hugh and Damon highlight companies notable for their culture, many of whom are practically unheard of, some who are household names, and some having the potential to be the Taylor Swift of the future.

Why focus on culture?

Culture is the single most important ingredient in making a company successful but is often overlooked by investors.

Impossible to measure in a quantitative sense, culture is seldom mentioned in research reports. However, by understanding the story of a company and its leadership team, you can gain an invaluable insight into a company’s outlook, and therefore the value of its shares.

From the Desk profiles companies with strong levels of share ownership by founders and directors. From Nick Molnar and Anthony Eisen at Afterpay,  Alex Jannink at Acusensus, the Milner family at Soul Pattinson, the late John Rubino at Monadelphous and of course the Dwyer Family behind PSC Insurance, we find a high level of ownership around the boardroom table often results in palpable returns for shareholders.

The newsletter is released weekly exclusively to From the Desk subscribers.

Hugh Robertson

Hugh Robertson has worked as a stockbroker for what feels like an eternity, having endured the stock market crash of 1987, the recession we had to have, the tech boom, the tech collapse, the mining boom, the GFC, the (second) tech boom, the (second) tech collapse and the past two years of a market from hell. Hugh is fascinated by well-run companies (rare) and mesmerised by good companies that are badly run (common). On any given day, you can find Hugh loitering in Flinders Lane (cigarette in one hand, phone in the other) on his perpetual quest to find Australian companies which have the potential to take on the world. Hugh likes to spend his free time planting trees and undertaking amateur plumbing works (always with a Corgi in tow).

Damon Kitney

Damon Kitney has spent almost three decades in financial journalism, including 16 years at the AFR and 12 years as Victorian business editor at The Australian. He specialises in writing the untold personal stories of the nation’s richest and most private people and now has his own writing and advisory business, DMK Publishing. He has published three books – “The Price of Fortune: The Untold Story of being James Packer”; “The Inner Sanctum”, and “The Fortune Tellers”.

LGI Limited (ASX:LGI)

Published 13.7.23

Elders Ltd (ASX:ELD)

Published 2.11.23

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